MATLAB xUnit Test Framework: How to Run Tests Silently and Query the Results

When you run a test suite using runxunit, the results are summarized in the Command Window. This example shows you how to run a test suite so that nothing prints to the Command Window, and it shows you how to write a program to automatically determine the results of running the test suite.

There are four steps to follow.

1. Construct a TestSuite object. In this example we'll use the fromPwd method of the TestSuite class to construct a test suite using all the test cases found in the examples_general directory.

cd examples_general
suite = TestSuite.fromPwd();

You can look up information about the individual test cases.

ans = 

  TestSuite handle

    TestComponents: {[1x1 TestUsingTestCase]  [1x1 TestUsingTestCase]}
              Name: 'TestUsingTestCase'
          Location: [1x95 char]

You can see above that the first test component in the test suite is itself another test suite, which contains the test cases defined by the M-file named TestUsingTestCase. Here's what one of these individual test cases looks like:

ans = 

  TestUsingTestCase handle

            fh: []
    MethodName: 'testPointer'
          Name: 'testPointer'
      Location: [1x95 char]

2. Construct a TestLogger object. This object can receive notifications about what happens when a test suite is executed.

logger = TestRunLogger;

3. Call the run method of the TestSuite object, passing it the logger.;

The TestLogger object can now be queried to determine what happened during the test.

logger = 

  TestRunLogger handle

             Log: {1x34 cell}
     NumFailures: 1
       NumErrors: 1
    NumTestCases: 8
          Faults: [1x2 struct]

There were eight test cases run (logger.NumTestCases), resulting in one test failure and one test error. Detailed information about what went wrong can be found in logger.Faults.

ans = 

         Type: 'failure'
     TestCase: [1x1 FunctionHandleTestCase]
    Exception: [1x1 MException]

ans = 

         Type: 'error'
     TestCase: [1x1 FunctionHandleTestCase]
    Exception: [1x1 MException]

You can drill further to determine the names of the failing tests, as well as the complete stack trace associated with each failure.

ans = 

  FunctionHandleTestCase handle

    MethodName: 'runTestCase'
          Name: 'testSinPi'
      Location: [1x92 char]

ans = 

    file: [1x92 char]
    name: 'testSinPi'
    line: 7

ans = 

    file: [1x85 char]
    name: 'FunctionHandleTestCase.runTestCase'
    line: 112

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