Wind Turbine Demo Script

Pitch System
1. Wind Turbine System Level Model
2. Model Blade Pitch Linkage: Finished Model
3. Link Specification and Design
4. Determine Pitch Actuator Requirements
5. Test Hydraulic Pitch Actuator Design
6. Distribute Simulations Using Parallel Computing
7. Compare Pitch Actuators Using Full Turbine Model
Yaw, Generator, Blades
8. Determine Yaw Actuator Requirements
9. Compare Yaw Actuators Using Full Turbine Model
10. Model Geartrain, Generator and Grid
11. Add Generator to Full Model
12. Model Force of Wind On Blades
13. Model Blade Flexibility (1G)
Control System
14. Use Linear Control Theory To Design Compensator
15. Use Optimization Algorithms To Tune Compensator
16. Open Supervisory Control Testrig
17. Document Results: View Report, Generate Report
18. Improve Simulation Performance With Local Solvers
... a.Pitch System
... b.Full Turbine

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