The View Settings Panel

The View Settings panel gives basic tools for visualization of the dataset.

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1. The Colors table and the LUT checkbox

This table contains a list of color channels of the dataset. The color channels may be switched on and off (a combination of Ctrl+left mouse click above checkboxes turns on selection of a single color channel). The image is generated depending on selection state of the LUT checkbox. When the LUT checkbox is selected im_browser generates the final image based on defined colors (the third column in this table). Note! When the LUT checkbox is unchecked the maximal number of colors that can be shown simultaneously is limited to 3. If more than 3 colors are selected then only the first 3 color channels are shown.

The right mouse button gives access to additional color channel actions:

A brief demonstration of work with color channels is available in the following video:

2. The Show Model check box

Switch on/off the Model layer. This check box has a shortcut 'spacebar'.

3. The Show Mask check box

Switch on/off Mask layer. This check box has a shortcut 'Ctrl + spacebar'.

4. The Hide image check box

Switch on/off display of the Image layer.

5. The Annotations check box

Switch on/off Annotation layer.

6. Display

Press to start display adjustments GUI tool, see more here.

7. The Brightness/Contrast panel

The Auto button Auto brightness adjustment of complete dataset. The function asks for saturation parameters for both low and high intensity borders. As a result, the image intensities are recalculated to increase the contrast. Note, the function behaviour is affected by the stack switch. When the stack switch is off the brightness is individually adjusted for each frame of the dataset. Alternatively, when checked, the function first finds minimal and maximal stretching parameters for the whole dataset and then uses these values to adjust the contrast.

The Contrast button Allows changing of the contrast of the image. Possible combinations:

The on fly checkbox automatically adjust contrast for each shown image without recalculation of intensities of the actual data.

8. The Transparency sliders

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