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A web-based gene analysis demonstration using MATLAB Builder for COM



by Rob Campbell

This function visualizes raw (grouped) data along with the mean, 95% confidence interval, and 1 SD.

Whilst box plots have their place, it's sometimes nicer to see all the data, rather than hiding them with summary statistics such as the inter-quartile range. This function (with a tongue in cheek

Low-Rank and Sparse Tools for Background Modeling and Subtraction in Videos



by Bryan

Radiocarbon (14C) age calibration using Bayesian statistics.

using Bayesian statistics. Produces publication quality calibration plots, 1 sigma (68.27%) and 2 sigma (95.45%) calibrated age probabilities calculated using highest posterior density, as well as a

A function for plotting a Manhattan Plot in MATLAB directly from a text file of GWAS statistics from PLINK, BOLT-LMM or SAIGE

This function takes the output of a PLINK 1.7 assoc command, a BOLT-LMM or SAIGE association test, produces a publication-ready Manhattan Plot, and saves the result as a .fig for manual tweaking and

Quickly create publication-quality plots: automatic colors & subplots, stats, violin/box plots, etc.

Gramm is a powerful plotting toolbox which allows to quickly create complex, publication-quality figures in Matlab, and is inspired by R's ggplot2 library. As a reference to this inspiration, gramm

Matisse is a Matlab-based toolbox designed for the analysis of In Situ Sequencing and other spatially resolved transcriptomics datasets.

Create pretty shaded plots and plots to visualize the statistical distribution of data.

plot. plot_distribution may be used to visualize the line plot's mean and standard deviation, while plot_distribution may be used to visualize non-Gaussian statistics of the line plot, e.g. the median


version 1.0.0

by Tor Wager

Core tools required for running Canlab Matlab toolboxes. The heart of this toolbox is object-oriented tools that enable interactive analysis

Creates nice boxplots from data. You don't need a toolbox. Simple yet fully featured.

array 'T' for a legend. You can add the legend as legend(T)T = bplot(D,x) will plot the boxplot of data D above the 'x' value xT = bplot(D,y,'horiz') will plot a horizontal boxplot at the 'y' value of yT

A set of low-level functions and tutorials for analyzing and displaying Earth science data.

Time and frequency analysis, signal statistics, etc. of a noise signal.

The present code is a Matlab program for analysis of noise signals. The analysis includes:1) Options for:- signal detrending;- signal normalization.2) Plotting of the:- signal in the time domain

Time and frequency analysis, signal statistics, etc. of a sound signal.

The present code is a Matlab program for signal analysis of a given sound file. The analysis includes:1) Options for:- signal detrending;- signal normalization.2) Plotting of the:- signal in the time

Creates circular / polar / angle histograms

scale is shown as a straight scale next to the plot.- Circular statistics are automatically computed.- Arrows with specific direction and length can be overlayed.



by César Flores García

A MatLab framework to facilitate the analysis of bipartite complex networks

Add statistical significance lines and asterisks to an existing plot

This script gets an axis handle and a 4D matrix (stats) and plots significance lines and asterisks on top.Significance lines and asterisks are added only for pairs assigned with a positive value (the


version 8.5.16

by Marco Riani

Robust regression, robust multivariate analysis, robust classification and much more...

enable us to explore the connection in the various features of the different forward plots.All Flexible Statistics Data Analysis Toolbox™ functions are written in the open MATLAB® language. This means that

A function to generate samples from user-specified distributions and combine them through an arbitrary function.

just to generate correlated samples.simulateMC():• Supports most/all of the distribution types in MATLAB's statistics and machine learning toolbox, including truncated distributions.• Can generate

Recognize 3D structures in volumetric images

objects using Bitplane Imaris- Automated colocalization analysis - Automated nearest neighbor analysis- Integrated plots of detected object's statistics - Export analysis results to Microsoft Excel® - Batch

Stacked line plots from a matrix or vectors

Return sound pressure levels of pure tone frequencies at specified loudness level(s).

Quantile-quantile plot with patch option

NOTE: this function is now available from the IoSR Matlab Toolbox as iosr.statistics.qqPlot. ------------------------- qq_plot(y) displays a quantile-quantile plot of the sample quantiles of y versus

Calculate RT, DRR, Cte, and EDT for impulse response file

Apply a near-ideal low- or band-pass filter.

Calculate subplot positions by specifying figure margins and axis scaling.

Produces a colour colormap, of arbitrary length, that is monochrome-compatible.

Check if mex file is compiled for the OS or if the source was modified since it was compiled.

Find local peaks or troughs in a vector

Draw a box plot with various display options

NOTE: this function is now available from the IoSR Matlab Toolbox as iosr.statistics.boxPlot.-------------------------Alternative box plot function for Matlab with many options. These options include



by Tayfun Tumkaya

A data analysis tool that is using the estimation statistics approach.

DABEST is a data analysis tool that is intended to make estimation statistics more accessible to scientific communities. Estimation statistics is a superior alternative to null hypothesis


version 1.5.1


ParaMonte: Plain Powerful Parallel Monte Carlo MCMC Library for Bayesian optimization in MATLAB, Python, Fortran, C++, C.

Update 6 for Windows. Some visualizations (such as histfit, and autocorrelation plots also require MATLAB's Statistics Toolbox as well as Econometrics Toolbox. However, these toolboxes are not essential

Density Functional American Option pricing with Bayesian Monte Carlo Path Int & MUSIC w/ Kelly Criterion

Multipath computation of American option prices and confidence limits based on statisticsA probability distribution is calculated from a past stock chart and the fat tails are estimated. The

A collection of functions and classes for astronomy and astrophysics experimental and theoretical research.

coordinates, ephemeris and time: Large number of functions for celestial coordinates, time, celestial mechanics, and ephemeris.* Fitting and statistics utilities: Tools for statistics, data analysis and signal

Quantiles of a sample via various methods

A PIV Post-processing and data analysis toolbox

on-line documentation; sample fields included.- High-quality vector and scalar output based on Matlab visualization tools: 2D and 3D fields (meshes, surfaces...), movies (AVI), contour plots...- Advanced

GISMO - a framework for scientific research in seismology/infrasound

than the frustrations of how data is stored and how to get it in to MATLAB. Features include: * Plotting tools for waveforms, catalogs, instrument responses etc. * Waveforms work for any



by Kelly Kearney

An alternative boxplot function

is intended as an alternative to the boxplot.m function that is included in the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox.The original boxplot.m function is more heavy-handed than most Matlab plotting

Functions for propagating uncertainty through an arbitrary function. Includes Monte Carlo simulation method and sum of squares method.

propUncertMC() function uses Monte Carlo simulation to propagate uncertainty.• Supports most/all of the distribution types in MATLAB's statistics and machine learning toolbox, including truncated distributions

The modal parameters of a line-like structure are automatically identified using an SSI-COV algorithm applied to ambient vibration data

algorithm.The function SSICOV_noToolbox which is the automated SSI-COV algorithm but does not use the Statistics and Machine Learning Toolbox. The Linkage algorithm is replaced by the function "PHA_Clustering" by

Peak fitting GUI for Diffraction Data

laboratory X-ray data Change any of the starting fit values and instantly view a sample plot of the fit, before conducting a fit For multiple diffraction patterns, results from previous fit are subsequent

An app for exploring the predictions of an image classification network using several deep learning visualization techniques.

predictions and misclassifications with occlusion sensitivity, Grad-CAM, and gradient attribution.Visualize activations, maximally activating images, and deep dream.Compute and examine the t-SNE plot to better

This example shows how to train a semantic segmentation network using deep learning using Pascal VOC dataset.

StatisticsTo see the distribution of class labels in the CamVid dataset, use countEachLabel. This function counts the number of pixels by class label.tbl =

A non-parametric trend test including Sen's slope method using Mann-Kendall Tau technique

The Mann-Kendall Tau non-parametric function computes a coefficient representing strength and direction of a trend for equally spaced data. While you do not need the Statistics Toolbox to compute


version 1.1.02

by Anders

Survival analysis in MATLAB

MatSurv is a simple survival analysis function for MATLAB (version 2016b and later) that creates a KM-plot with risk table. Survival statistics, such as log rank p-value and Hazard Ration (HR) is

SIGLINE plots a line of statistical significance on the current axis

SIGLINE plots a line of statistical significance on the current axis sigline(xs) plots a significance line between the value in the 2D vector xs along the x-coordinate. sigline(xs,lbl) places a



by Christopher Hummersone

Perform windowed smoothing on a vector using mathematical functions

Calculate the long-term average spectrum of a signal

Display 3-D color gamut and plot distribution of colors in an image on a chromaticity diagram

three components to display input image and 3-D color gamut, and to plot distribution of colors in an image on a chromaticity diagram. Color space for 3-D color gamut is 'rgb' as a default, but you can

Compute practically all bibliometric indices actually known.

. Everybody know the number of co-authors of an own paper... Outputs (if all vectors were given): - Descriptive statistics: ° Total number of papers ° Total number of

Compute descriptive and inferential statistics for circular or directional data.

CircStat for Matlab=======================Toolbox for circular statistics with Matlab. Authors: Philipp BerensEmail: philipp@bethgelab.orgHomepage

This is a simple script will let user select ROI on image and get its descriptive statistic features and column sum plot as well.

To use:1. Run the script2. Select image to work on. 3. Keep on drawing rectangle on the image of different region to keep getting their descriptive statistic features and column sum plots.


version 1.0.0

by Deniz G Savas

An Easy to use Corona Virus Trends Graphs Viewer/Comparator for all Countries

This is a trivially easy to use Graphical User Interface App that can automatically download the latest corona-virus statistics and display them. Users can interactively select total-cases




Plot the fitting line with statistics on Scatter plot

the graph too. If you dont want statistics on the plot, then you can change the format in the function itself.Syntax: Scatter([2,3,6,4,7],[1,2,5,10,89

3D-Directional Statistics, Simulation and Visualization: from 3-dimensional spherical distributions

3D-Directional Statistics, Simulation and Visualization (3D-Directional-SSV) is a fast, accurate, and convenient way to calculate, simulate, and visualize from 3-dimensional spherical distributions

Get the contents of a specified directory

STFT and ISTFT fulfilling constant overlap-add criterion

Create a Contents.m file including subdirectories

Calculate loudness weighting coefficients based on ISO 226

Evaluating Crowdsourcing Participants in the Absence of Ground-Truth

Calculate cross-correlograms with a wide range of options

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