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Extract data points from any plot

Digitize_Plotted_DataExtract data points from a plotInstructions:Run the script and select an image of the plotEnter the values of the x and y boundaries of the dataSpecify if the x and y axes are


version 0.7.3

by Fatih Dinc

EXTRACT is a tractable and robust automated cell extraction tool for calcium imaging, which extracts the activities of cells as time series

, which extracts the activities of cells as time series from both one-photon and two-photon Ca2+ imaging movies. EXTRACT makes minimal assumptions about the data, which is the main reason behind its high

Pretrained Deep Learning Model for Universal Dependency Annotation using Text Analytics Toolbox

defined by Universal Dependencies. For more information on the data, see: https://github.com/Hyperparticle/udify. Opening udifymodel.mlpkginstall file from your operating system or from within MATLAB will

Open the figure, run the script, and get back your plotted data points.

Often times, you would have plotted some data and deleted them, but would have saved your figure file. How do you get back the data points from the figure? Open the figure, run this script, and you

3 D plotting of ADCP(Acoustic Doppler Current Profiler) data on MATLAB.

: https://pubs.er.usgs.gov/publication/70038462. If you face any problem let me know I will help you to install VMT GUI.)2.The files tran1.xlxs to tran14.xlxs and transect1.xlxs to transect14.xlxs are extracted from the excel files transec1 to

Computes plotss of a region defined by latitude and longitude taken as user input from 1900 to 2019.

data file and run the scirpt as usual way.The following files are provided:Taken from IGRF13 Model by Drew Compston-igrf.m: Computes Earth's magnetic field at a point(s).-igrfline.m: Gives the


version 1.0.0

by Derek Wood

Transfer data from a plot into the working environment -- Extracts all data from a given figure axes back into a matlab variable

you tend to save lots of .fig files-- with this tool you no longer need to grab the original data if you want to replot. Or, if you generate plots via GUI, you can pull the data out in a way that is

The script show how identify the x,y coordinates of a specific isoline of a contour plot and the calculation of the respective areas.

The script show how identify the x,y coordinates of a specific isoline of a contour plot and the calculation of the respective areas.

Load map, extract connectivity, plot road network & find shortest paths from OpenStreetMap XML file.

This software package includes functions for working with OpenStreetMap XML Data files (extension `.osm`), as downloaded from http://www.openstreetmap.org, to:1) Import and parse the XML data file

GETFIGDATA extracts the xyz data from a FIG file.

GETFIGDATA extracts the xyz data from a FIG file.Syntax: GETFIGDATA(filename); [x,y,z] = GETFIGDATA(filename); [x,y,z] = GETFIGDATA(filename,n,Type);If the figure contains multiple axes, the

Currently the toolbox implements functions to download company fundamentals and economic indicators.

",... "proceedsFromIssuanceOfCommonStock"]); reportPerCompanyProcessed = preprocess(reportPerCompany, options); rawData = reportPerCompanyProcessed(:, indicatorsOfInterest).Variables; Mdl =



by Max Radin

MATLAB functions for processing data from the Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP).

VASPLABMATLAB functions for processing data from the Vienna Ab initio Simulation Package (VASP) and performing other common tasks related to the atomistic modeling of solid-state

Peak fitting GUI for Diffraction Data

laboratory X-ray data Change any of the starting fit values and instantly view a sample plot of the fit, before conducting a fit For multiple diffraction patterns, results from previous fit are subsequent


version 1.0.0

by Mohammad Heriyanto

EDFI is a script to extract data from an 2D or 3D image.

EDFI is a script to extract data from an 2D or 3D image. EDFI is developed using MATLAB and these steps below:1. Load image.2. Get data from image.3. Plot result.

Connect to the ftp, so see the availability of GO_LIVE data over time in a circular graph plot

is also used in: Altena et al. 2019, Extracting recent short-term glacier velocity evolution over southern Alaska and the Yukon from a large collection of Landsat data, The Cryosphere.

MATLAB toolbox for visualizing brain data on surfaces.

BrainSurferBrainSurfer is a MATLAB toolbox for visualizing brain surfaces and showing statistical maps on top of them. It serves to quickly create pretty figures from data you have already processed

Tools for imaging photoplythysmogram extraction and processing

extraction and processing. The rhesus monkeys iPPG data from [1] are used as a test dataset.INPUT: video file.OUTPUT: iPPG signal; estimated pulse rate.CONTENTS: 1. extract_color_channels_from_video extracts

Extract data points from a 2D graph.

This function extracts a user-defined number of data points from a given image of a black-and-white graph.

Function to extract data from Wikipedia on the number of confirmed coronavirus cases by state in the USA.

Function created to extract updated state-by-state coronavirus cases in the US with an optional plot. Data is obtained from Wikipedia sites. Relies on the function 'urlreadtable' available on the

Multivariate Exploratory Data Analysis Toolbox for Matlab

solving some of the limitations found in the former toadequately extract conclusions from a data set. Also, other useful tools such as cross-validation algorithms, Multivariate Statistical Process Control

simple example of video classification with LSTM

with the extracted image featuresTrain the network using the trainNetwork function.If you would like to plot the data in training process such as the accucary and loss, please check the values saved in


version 1.12

by L Chi

A set of functions to handle NetCDF files.

dimension.OUTPUTout_dim : dimension info (e.g., longitude, latitude, if applicable)data : data extracted from the given netcdf file.When time_var_name is not empty, the corresponding variable in out_dim is converted

Reads binary LOG files into Matlab workspace and plots flight data

a Windows program to decode a subset of this data, the data from the Engine Information System, to a CSV file. I wanted to also extract the Attitude and Heading Reference System data, and bypass the

To extract data from a matlab figure (.fig) files generate using version 7 or later.

To extract data from a matlab figure (.fig) files generate using version 7 or later. It can be used for both 2D and 3D plots

Kannada alphabets datasets are trained to the neural network using MFCC and LPC coefficients and accuracy is compared using confusion matrix

network to recognize a spoken kannada letters.To train a network from scratch, you must first prepare the data set.Create Training DatastoreCreate an audioDatastore (Audio Toolbox) that points to the

This demo shows how to classify crack images using deep learning and explain why behind the decision. このデモでは、深層学習によりひび割れ画像を分類し、さらにその特徴量の可視化を

adapt it to normal/crack classification (2-classes).Extract the layer graph from the trained network.lgraph = layerGraph(net); In most networks, the last layer with learnable weights is a fully connected

This function extracts multiple data plot values from figure files in Matlab.

%%% % Input : File name % with multiple plots in a single file% Output : struct data% : data.names contains names of the display object Yvalues% : data.Y contains the

This example shows how to train a semantic segmentation network using deep learning using Pascal VOC dataset.

for Semantic Image Segmentation.” ECCV (2018).[3] Visual Object Classes Challenge 2012 (VOC2012)Load Pascal-VOC Pixel-Labeled ImagesPlease run this code after down-loading the Pascal-VOC data from [2

This algorithm evaluates time-resolved GIWAXS data. It cuts q-cuts as a function of polar angle chi from GIWAXS patterns.

can oversample your data / linecut.The q-cut or linecut is performed in the lines 224 and 233. The q-cut is intensity plot where X-variable contains q values and Y-variable are intensity values. The

This example show how to classify images with imbalanced training dataset where the number of images per class is different over classes. 深

. [Japanese]このスクリプトでは、オーバーサンプリングと呼ばれる手法を用いて、訓練データ内での各クラスの画像の枚数を均一にします。深層学習による画像分類では、分類するクラスの訓練データの枚数がクラス間でばらつきがあると学習が難しくなります。クラス間で枚数が不均衡になってしまう場合の対策として有名なもので、オーバーサンプリングやダウンサンプリングと呼ばれるものがあります。ダウンサンプリングでは、各クラスで最も少ない枚数にあわせ、多い画像は利用しないもので、MATLABでのコーディングは比較的簡単です。一方、オーバーサンプリングの場合は、少し実装が複雑になります。この例ではオーバーサンプリングによる画像分類の例を示します。Load dataPlease download Food image dataset provided from MathWorks. The Example Food Images data set contains 978 photographs of food in

This demo shows how to implement convolutional neural network (CNN) for image classification with multi-input. カスタムループを用いて複数入力のCNNを実装します。

animated lineanimatedline creates an animated line that has no data and adds it to the current axes. Create an animation by adding points to the line in a loop using the addpoints function.plots =

This demo shows how to interpret the classification by CNN using LIME (Local Interpretable Model-agnostic Explanations) [1]. LIMEによる特徴量の可視化

Explanations) [1]. This demo was created based on [1], but the implementation might be a little bit different from its official one. This code highlights the regions that contributed to the classification. It


version 1.0

by JI QI

2D static structual plane stress FEA

according to the node/edge number from the pop up plotClick "update" and change material properties if needed/Click "solve"Click "extract" to extract plots and data as user required.Click "solve all" to up

This algorithm evaluates time-resolved GIWAXS data. It cuts chi-cuts in the q interval.

polar chi angle from chi_min to chi_max. Therefore, you must specify no_of_chi_points variable. If no_of_chi_points will be too big, you can oversample your data / linecut.The chi-cut or linecut is

This algorithm evaluates time-resolved GIWAXS data. It cuts horizontal cuts along qr axis integrated within qz interval.

no_of_qr_points variable. If no_of_qr_points will be too big, you can oversample your data / linecut.The qr-cut or linecut is performed in the lines 228 and 237. The qr-cut is intensity plot where X-variable

uses stationary wavelets to enhance independent components analysis artifact removal

computed ICs.% This is useful for extracting artifact-only ICs in EEG (for example), and% then subtracting the artifact-reconstruction from the original data. %% Code is interpretation/implementation of: %

Utilities for managing Neuropixel SpikeGLX datasets, Kilosort2 sorting, waveform extraction and other tools

results back into Matlab after manual inspection in Phy- Plot drift maps using code adapted from the spikes repository- Extract waveforms for each cluster from the raw data, optionally cleaning the snippets

Matlab based application to predict the orbit and track the geostationary satellites in real time.

2D and 3D plots. The TLE data are updated constantly from http://celestrak.com.Application/Project Screenshot: https://huangproject.wordpress.com/ Author: (Tony) Chao Huang-----the SGP4 propagator

A simple serial plotting GUI for connection to common microcontrollers (Arduino, Teensy, etc)

serial stream2) parse the stream regardless of number of data channels being reported3) quickly plot the data for quick inspection and4) saves the data to the MATLAB workspace for post-recording

Laser beam profiling code per ISO11146 (D4σ) for stigmatic and simple astigmatic beams. GUI implemented using GUILT.

your images / specify pixelpitch and wavelength.It is attempted to extract the z-position from the filename. Reproduce the naming scheme of the test datasets for your data to use this feature.Adjust

Litz Wire Homogenization with COMSOL and MATLAB

is considered:run_1_homogenization.m - Extract the winding geometry, energy and field patterns from FEMrun_2_packing.m - Compute the geometry of a round litz wirerun_3_simulation.m - Simulate with FEM


version 1.0.0

by Hernia Baby

How to create FPS by MATLAB

) ])',[],1); [xi,yi,kk] = polyxpoly(x,y,pos_wall(:,1),pos_wall(:,2)); % Vector from plyer to cross point tmp = [xi,yi] - player.pos; % extract more closer point when line segment

Extracts multiple line information from a .fig file

unplotData( filename ) extracts x, y, and z data points from a Matlab plot (.fig).

This function computes the Fast Fourier transform of an input audio file data and plots it on the frequency axis.

toolbox.The inputs are the data extracted from any audio file. The audio data and the sampling rate should be extracted from the audio and passed to this function.Ex : [audio_data, sample_rate] =

'BOS setup generator' is an app specifically developed to quickly define the optimum setup for background oriented schliern measurements.

setups (with a maximum of 3) previously computed and saved.The app offers many ways to save, extract and load different session, data and plots. Those functions are available on the 'Menu' tab and a

A method to extract periodic impulses from a 1d signal.

blog: http://www.split-code.com/rotation.htmlmckd(x,filterSize,termIter,plotMode,T,M)Description: This method tries to deconvolve a periodic series of impulses from a 1d vector. It does this by

Non-iterative optimal solution for Minimum Entropy Deconvolution (MED) and convolution fix.

machine fault detection from vibration signals to detect gear and bearing faults, and OMED is applied to extract the impulse-like features in the vibration. This implementation uses the convolution

The script performs time-binning and pixel-binning of GISAXS images. It calculates horizontal cuts along qy axis in time.

no_of_qy_points variable. If no_of_qy_points will be too big, you can oversample your data / linecut.The qy-cut or linecut is performed in the lines 228 and 237. The qy-cut is intensity plot where X-variable

extracts 2d alpha shapes from a set of x/y data points

ASHAPE is a simple wrapper for ASLIB, which implements several (optimized) subroutines to extract and display 2d alpha shapes and alpha patches from a set of x/y data pointsASLIB returns a structure


version 4.0

by Thomas Guillod

AI-mag: Inductor Modeling and Design with FEM and Artificial Neural Network

Zurich and is available under the BSD License. The code is also available on the ETH Data Archive.More precisely, the following workflow is implemented:Simulating many designs with FEM thermal and magnetic

This program performs time-binning and pixel-binning on WAXS images. It cuts q-cuts as a function of azimuthal angle phi.

oversample your data / linecut.The q-cut or linecut is performed in the lines 225 and 234. The q-cut is intensity plot where X-variable contains q values and Y-variable are intensity values. The X-variable is



by Maksym Sich

Load data from .SPE files (full support v2.x & v3.0) created by PI software (LightField, WinSpec).

Load data from .SPE files created by Princeton Instruments software (LightField, WinSpec). Full support for v2.x & v3.0 multi-frame, multi-ROI files and header information.[data, wavelengths

Compute the Earth's magnetic field at points in space according to the IGRF model.

a magnetic field line starting at a given point.-getigrfcoefs.m: Extracts coefficients from the .dat files provided on the IGRF website and saves them to a .mat file.-igrfcoefs.mat: IGRF coefficients

Efficiently computing distribution and sequence of ordinal patterns from 1D time series

function OPsequence efficiently [1,2] computes distribution and sequence of ordinal patterns from 1D time series indata for the given order and delay (note that only orders = 1…8 are supported in



by Heba Sailem

Visualization software for high dimensional data

from cellular images but it can be used with any numerical data.When using PhenoPlot, please cite the manuscript H. Z. Sailem, J. Sero, C. Bakal (2015) Visualizing cellular imaging data using PhenoPlot



by aasim Azooz

This software enables one to convert graphical plots and images to numerical data

Sometimes it becomes useful to compare sets of data from different sources and present them on the same plot. Most published data are in the form of plots, graphs, or images. This software enables

debugging tool for complex enviorments

debugData('reset')During the run call debugData from any point in the code to store data, the function will concatenate data automatically.At the end of the run call debugData with debugData('plot') to plot all its

Corrosion current calculation for Closed Polarisation Tests

folder with the following structure: txt data with 4 columns, with the 3rd and 4th column being the scan Potential and Measured current, respectively. (Feel free to adapt it to your code)It will extract

Example of testing GPFA method on simulated data

msDESCRIPTION OF CODE SECTIONS:1 Generate simulated data2 Plot simulated data3 Prepare data in proper format for GPFA4 Launch GPFA on simulated data5 Launch full cross-validation 6 Preparing data for HighData

This project provides a plot of the Chanel Impulse Response in a use-case scenario.

The purpose of this project is to provide a plot of the Chanel Impulse Response in a use-case scenario of your choice. This folder provides a Matlab function and an example of using it.The "getCIR.m

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