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Ground Track (ground_track)

version 1.0.1 (100 MB) by Tamas Kis
Plots the ground track of an orbit given its planetodetic coordinates (i.e. planetodetic latitude and longitude).


Updated 06 Apr 2021

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See or “DOCUMENTATION.pdf” for additional documentation and examples. Examples can also be found in “EXAMPLES.m”.

The "ground_track" function plots the ground track of an orbit given vectors storing the planetodetic latitudes and longitudes of the orbit. This function does NOT perform any orbit propagation and is meant to be used to facilitate plotting the ground track AFTER an orbit has been simulated.

Ground tracks can be plotted for Earth (with various options), the Sun, the Moon, the planets of the Solar System, and Pluto. Additional options include specifying the line width and color of the ground track.

After plotting the ground track, you can adjust all properties like you normally would (titles, axes labels, legends, axes limits, etc.).

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Tamas Kis (2021). Ground Track (ground_track) (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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