Electric Motor Control Reference Application

version 6.0.1 (103 MB) by Speedgoat Application Engineering Team
Design, prototype, and test your brushless DC motor controls using Simulink and Speedgoat hardware


Updated 22 Sep 2022

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Learn how to:
- Create accurate motor models and fine-tune controller gains by collecting data from hardware
- Monitor and control your real-time application directly from Simulink® models or with instrument panel apps
- Configure your controller model to generate compact and fast C code for any target microcontroller
- Automatically run test-cases and prove that your embedded motor controller meets requirements via
- Hardware-in-the-Loop testing
Key benefits:
- Design and test motor controls with MATLAB® and Simulink®-integrated solutions that enable you to fully adopt Model-Based Design
- Test your motor controls early and often. Cut back development costs by exposing design flaws as early as possible
- Shorten time-to-market of your motor controls by using automated code generation and automated testing
- Protect your investment by reusing the same real-time equipment to test both, early control prototypes and final embedded controllers
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Speedgoat Application Engineering Team (2022). Electric Motor Control Reference Application (https://github.com/Speedgoat-Application-Engineering-Team/Electric-Motor-Control/releases/tag/v6.0.1), GitHub. Retrieved .

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Created with R2020a
Compatible with R2020a to R2022b
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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.