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version 1.0.1 (526 KB) by Tim
Voxelized volume visualization for 3D and 3D RGB arrays


Updated 31 Jul 2020

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VOXview is an easy-to-use function for visualizing small 3D scalar or RGB (i.e. MxNxO x3) arrays. This function was specifically designed to give the user independent control of voxel alpha, intensity, and color values, something that is currently not possible when using MATLAB's "volshow" command.

Additionally, the function gives users direct control of:
- Colormaps (for scalar fields)
- Patch properties (e.g. edge colors, reflectivity options)
- Alpha threshold (faces below this value are left un-drawn)
- Multiple types of transparency computation methods
- Voxel size
- Bounding boxes
And lastly it provides the patch-handle for the final object for efficient manipulation after the fact.

Run VOXview_demo.m for demonstrations of different input options.
Run Lamp_demo for an animation demonstration exploiting voxel patch handles.

Important performance note:
VOXview is patch based and only works well with relatively small arrays (< 100 on edge). Faces having alpha values below an adjustable threshold are left undrawn to improve performance for larger volumes, however expect performance to degrade rapidly for volumes with more than ~1,000,000 elements.

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