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Windows command line MATLAB process priority

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Set the priority of your MATLAB session in Windows.


Updated 09 Jun 2005

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I've seen many questions on how to run MATLAB in Windows with a process priority other than "normal."

During long calculations on single-processor machines, it would be nice to reduce the priority of the MATLAB process so that you can get other work done. Also, it would be nice to set the priority to "realtime" for benchmarking. The attached text file gives very simple directions for setting this up in windows.

It's just text, but you'll need to download the attached file in order to obtain the instructions for two reasons:

(1) so that the instructions are easier to cut-and-paste as needed.
(2) so that the Mathworks can keep track of the number of people who are interested in this topic.

(I have tested this on Windows XP, but it is supposed to work on Windows NT and Windows 2000 as well.)

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Andreas Sprenger

Hhm, I would recommend using Psychtoolbox command Priority ( which is tested for use on Linux, Mac and Windows.

ben payne

Hello. I like starting processes from Start -> Run, so instead of using just
Start -> Run -> matlab
Start -> Run -> cmd /c start /belownormal matlab /nosplash

Thomas Frisk

My system crashed on me after I changed the priority of Matlab when it was already running. That won't happen again, thank you.

Tony Xia

It is helpful.

Rezaul Karim Reza

see priority:

you can do this on the fly before running long calculation. but this is a mex implementation. I am curious if an M-file version of pririty.dll is available!

Jonathan Archer

In addition, one can of course always change the priority of the MATLAB.exe process while it is running, using Task Manager.

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