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McCabe-Thiele Method for an Ideal Binary Destillation

version 2.0.1 (1.34 MB) by Marco Villegas
Configure system with multiple feedings, side streams and experimental equilibrum data to calculate the theoric stages of the column


Updated 29 May 2020

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You can configure system with multiple feeding and side stream, plot experimental equilibrum data. This program calculate the minimun reflux, number of equilibrum stages, concentration of each stage and interstage of a binary destillation column with no termal effect.and assuming CMO.

The operation parameters can be entered by the user in a Excel file, but the data must be consistent with the mass balance and the sistem.

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Marco Villegas (2021). McCabe-Thiele Method for an Ideal Binary Destillation (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Bruno Vargas Herrera

how i can use that ?

Diego Sáez Caroca

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