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version 2.6.1 (209 MB) by Kevin R Coffey
DeepSqueak: A Deep Learning Based System for Quantification of Ultrasonic Vocalizations


Updated 31 Mar 2021

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DeepSqueak is a fully graphical MATLAB package for detecting and classifying rodent ultrasonic vocalizations (USVs). DeepSqueak is engineered to allow non-experts easy entry into USV detection and analysis.

DeepSqueak provides a fully automated pipeline for USV detection, classification, and analysis:

State-of-the-art regional object detection neural networks (Faster-RCNN) dramatically reduces the false positive rate to facilitate reliable USV analysis in standard experimental conditions.

Create unsupervised k-means clustering models from vocalization contours and trainable neural networks for supervised call classification.

Output call statistics in spreadsheets for further analysis.

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Kevin R Coffey (2021). DeepSqueak (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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Jacob McGurk

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018a
Compatible with R2018a to R2019a
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Windows macOS Linux

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