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Grid Code Compliance for Renewable Resource Integration

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Use MATLAB/Simulink to evaluate Grid Code Compliance, such as IEEE 1547


Updated 17 Apr 2020

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Voltage and frequency grid codes, such as IEEE 1547-2018, dictate how distributed generation, such as utility-scale solar and wind, must remain connected during grid fault events. These examples show how you can evaluate grid code compliance in MATLAB against historical measured data from PMUs. Additionally, Simulink blocks provide a path to evaluate grid code compliance of simulated systems and protection logic.

For more information and a video walk-through, these examples are used in the "Renewable Grid Integration Studies with Simscape Electrical" Webinar to evaluate grid code compliance of renewable and distributed resources:

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Jack Zhang


Lijun Cai

sajid ali

Thank you for sharing, and the webinar was great too.

cheng zhong

it great work

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