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Gauss Seidel Load Flow Analysis

version 1.0.0 (4.68 KB) by Orlando Ramirez Barron
Implementation of Gauss Seidel Power Flow Solution in MATLAB


Updated 02 Jan 2019

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Implementation of Gauss Seidel Power Flow Solution in MATLAB.
This is the general program for solution, it has 2 test cases (the 6 and 9 ieee bus systems) but can be accurately used in other power systems, just enter the data in tables , e.g(line & bus).
The program computhes the admittance matrix Ybus and computes V and Theta using the Gauss Seidel method, then, the load flows are calculated. At the end, the program will give you a report about the states (V, Theta) and the computed power flows.
if you are facing any trouble you can contact me by email.

my email is:

Orlando Ramírez Barrón

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Orlando Ramirez Barron (2021). Gauss Seidel Load Flow Analysis (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (7)

William Magallanes

Thank you for sharing.

Aljandro Morata

Aryan Ritwajeet Jha

Thanks a lot!
Of course, user has to tinker the data tables (any one of) data6.m or data9.m with their own specifications and number of buses. Note: Under the 'bus type' data variable in data6.m (or data9.m), enter 1 for slack bus, 2 for PV bus and 3 for PQ bus.

Mamunur Rashid

how we can use it for 7 bus systems?

Orlando Ramirez

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