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Half-Space Sommerfeld Integrator Electric Fields

version 6.3 (14.6 KB) by Mazin Mustafa
This program uses the Dyadic Green's Functions to compute the exact fields due to Electric or Magnetic dipole the top medium.


Updated 10 Nov 2020

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Use main.m to compute the Electric fields in a z-cut.
Use NearField.m to compute a 2D color map for x-z cut.

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Mazin Mustafa (2021). Half-Space Sommerfeld Integrator Electric Fields (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (11)

Rodrigo Arrieta

Works perfectly, thanks!

Simon Sturm

昂 川村

Hi, Dr. Mazin Mustafa,
I appreciate your kind response. Your note greatly helps me to understand my questions!

Mazin Mustafa

To Karthik Thothathri,
Sure, I will modify the general code and make it available in the MATLAB file exchange since the current code is only readable for me, and it might be hard for others to understand it.

Mazin Mustafa

To 昂 川村,
Yes, I did substrate the unbounded region solution and then manually added the terms in GEJ0. I didn't discuss this in my dissertation, but I found it useful in accelerating the numerical computations. Please take a look at my personal note (page 13 and pages 17-21):

Mazin Mustafa

To 昂 川村,
Also, please find the following papers for reference:
Golubovic, R., Polimeridis, A.G. and Mosig, J.R., 2012. Efficient algorithms for computing Sommerfeld integral tails. IEEE Transactions on Antennas and Propagation, 60(5), pp.2409-2417.
Simsek, E., Liu, Q.H. and Wei, B., 2006. Singularity subtraction for evaluation of Green's functions for multilayer media. IEEE transactions on microwave theory and techniques, 54(1), pp.216-225.
Michalski, K.A. and Mosig, J.R., 2016. Efficient computation of Sommerfeld integral tails–methods and algorithms. Journal of Electromagnetic Waves and Applications, 30(3), pp.281-317.

昂 川村

Hello Dr. Mazin Mustafa,

I'm studying your codes to modify and apply to the problem I'm investigating. I understood almost all codes but couldn't do for two points below.
- First is related to "GEJ0.m". Why should it be added to the solution by TLGFs?
- Second is integration range in the "HankelTransform.m". I saw your dissartation and understood regarding the part of "0 ~ a". Then where can I see the integration of "a ~ +infinity"?
I guess these points are related. Could you introduce some papers explaining these points?

Karthik Thothathri

Thanks a lot for your reply Dr. Mazin. I am quite interested in the generalised implementation. Is it possible for you to send me.

Thanks and best regards,

Mazin Mustafa

To Karthik Thothathri,

The spectral domain Green functions are implemented in GEJ1-GEJ5, however, they depend on the transmission line model.
Regarding adding more layers, you are right, you can easily add more layers. If you are interested, I have a general code that can handle any number of layers and point at any location.

Karthik Thothathri

Hello Dr. Mazin,

I would like to clarify a doubt that I have with regards to the implementation. I understand that the spatial domain green functions are obtained by performing the double integral( through Hankel transform and single integral) of the spectral domain green functions. In the code, where is the spectral domain green's function. It would be great if you could provide your help with regards to this.

Thanks and best regards,

Karthik Thothathri

I added one more layer in the configs file and it seems to be working.. Thanks again

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