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3-D orbit simulator with ground track

version 1.0.0 (30 KB) by Ziad Saad
Visualize orbit trajectory around earth


Updated 12 Oct 2018

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for the .exe version:
This project is a GUI for a simple orbit simulator that allows the user to view the trajectory of a satellite orbit around earth and its ground track on earth, this simulator can be useful for a quick view and visualization of the final state vector of the satellite and how it will propagate.
Input methods:
the user can input a satellite initial conditions throughout these options:
1- Orbital element of the satellite
2- Initial state vector
3- TLE file extensions

examples of the three methods can be viewed here:
The coding of the GUI includes solving the equations to propagate the trajectory by either:
1- Kepler equations (analytical solution)
2- Runge-Kutta integration (Numerical solution)
hope this could be useful and for any inquiries please comment, :)

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Ziad Saad (2021). 3-D orbit simulator with ground track (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Alexander Heintz

@stephen: Yes thats the problem. I think its qutie curious bevause as I remeber 'visible! should be a parameter of any line() function

James Bell

This didn't work for me. I managed to get it to run after changing some indexing a bit, but the maps/plots still don't appear.

Felipe Condo

hi, how does the .exe file work? what do it saysa about mcr software, which one is it? thanks

Xuedi Chen

@Ziad Saad, hello! I get errors when I run the GUI.
Error using set
There is no Visible property on the Root class.

Error in OrbitSimulator>calc_Callback (line 814)

I find that "orbitline(time)=line([Xcoord(k-1) Xcoord(k)],[Ycoord(k-1) Ycoord(k)], [Zcoord(k-1) Zcoord(k)],'Color', 'black', 'LineWidth', 2);"
The 'orbitline' is not the "Line" Type, causing the error. The same error for 'ground(:)'

But, I find that "ECIx=line([0 lim],[0 0],[0 0],'Color', 'black', 'Marker','.','LineStyle','-');" can succeed in making 'ECIx' the "Line" Type.

Faisal Islam

Can I use state vectors (x,y,z, Vx, Vy, Vz) and current time with some specified delta (time step) to estimate and plot the ground track for a satellite? I haven't downloaded and tried the code / .exe yet but I am very much interested.
Also, if your response to the question was yes, could I call the function that estimates ground track from a program written in Java (what would be the calling convention)?
Thanks, Faisal

Nicholas Martin

michelle vigue

Not working for me, either.

Kairat Kulmukhambetov

I can not make visualization of graph either.
My inputs data are: R(x,y,z) 9000; V(x,y,z) 50; INc=0;RAAN=0; AOP=0; true anomaly=90; a=42164;e=0
I am using Matlab 2018b

Ziad Saad

@Stephen Forczyk, Can you give me your inputs? because this error probably would mean it did not calculate an orbit, also i would appreciate if you try the .exe file and tell me if it doesn't work either, just to avoid the case of that error happening because of you using a different matlab version, which i assume not the case but just to make sure.
you might try the examples given, they should work.
thanks :D

Stephen Forczyk

I keep getting errors of this type when trying to run your GUI
Error using set
There is no Visible property on the Root class.

Error in OrbitSimulator>calc_Callback (line 853)

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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