Rolling-Shutter Effect Simulation for CMOS camera by Matlab


Updated 14 Sep 2018

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Since CMOS cameras cannot read all pixels illumination at the instant time, especially when the object's speed is extremely fast such as propellers, there could be some artifacts on digital images which is well-known artifacts named Rolling-Shutter Effects.

In that projects, we represented very brief Matlab simulation of this effect during certain propeller turns at the fixed certain round per minute. Within the provided demo, you can adjust the speed of propeller, fps of the simulated camera, number of the frame of simulation. We provided one propeller image but you can create your own propeller image and simulate it as well. Here are the propeller image and one of the frame result during simulation.

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muhammet balcilar (2023). Rolling-Shutter-Effect-Simulation (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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