Stereo Camera Calibration Under Different Resolution


Updated 14 Jul 2018

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In this project we modified existing Matlab toolbox's code to get the stereo calibration run under different resolution cameras. Especially if you want to work with multiple different camera, you should calibrate them. For instance infrared camera and RBG camera, or as how our demo was on you can calibrate up down mounthed high resolution standart USB camera and relatively low resolution Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) camera.

Unfortunately neither Matlab's nor OpenCV's does not give us an opportunity to calibrate such a both two very different kind of camera. We slightly modified estimateCameraParameters.m and rectifyStereoImages.m functions of Matlab Toolboxes. You can find them on that repository. Also we provided demo script. You can run it with following command.

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muhammet balcilar (2023). Calibration-Under_Different-Resolution (, GitHub. Retrieved .

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