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MATLAB library for elastic functional data analysis


Updated 30 Jan 2021

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MATLAB library for elastic functional data analysis
A MATLAB package for functional data analysis using the square root velocity framework which performs pair-wise and group-wise alignment as well as modeling using functional component analysis


Download zip or tar.gz of package or clone repository
Run setup.m to setup paths and compile MEX functions NOTE: Armadillo c++ library required for bayesian code.

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Comments and Ratings (5)

Alexey Koloydenko

Apologies for my previous comment, which was misleading as I had mistakenly interpreted time as a vector of just the beginning and end times, that error is now gone.
But I am still a bit unclear about kmeans and DPmeans, in particular if the comments below DPmeans referring under `Usage' to kmeans are correct. Also, it seems that to capture correct values of the input parameters in both the methods the conditions on nargin need to be corrected. Thanks again for this contribution.
function obj = DPmeans(obj,lambda1,option)
% DPmeans Dirichlet Process K-Means clustering and alignment
% -------------------------------------------------------------------------
% This function clusters functions and aligns using the elastic square-root
% slope (srsf) framework using Dirchelet Process Mixture Model
% Usage: obj.kmeans(lambda)
% obj.kmeans(lambda,option)

Dextin Chen

AMAZING!!! this saved lots of works for my master thesis:)

蕾 雷


Federico Masiero

A great work! I'm reading the phd thesis for a better understanding, but for sure a reference point for my phd activity! Thanks a lot

Francesco Cannarile

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