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A star search algorithm

version (4.94 KB) by Anthony Chrabieh
A star search algorithm with weighted heuristic


Updated 06 Nov 2017

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A star search algorithm, 1 file, no additional functions. Well explained and easily expandable/re-usable.
Change the map, starting points, and obstacles as pleased.
Heuristic weight can be changed to be greedier or set to 0 to obtain Dijkstra algorithm.

Blue plotted nodes are part of open set.
Green plotted nodes are part of closed set.
Red plotted nodes show the final path.

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Anthony Chrabieh (2020). A star search algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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what to do ???
>> DISPLAY_patchwork
Not enough input arguments.

Error in DISPLAY_patchwork (line 3)
HEIGHT = size(map,1);

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