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Ripple Factor Meter

version 3.0 (59.2 KB) by Razman Ayop
Meter to Measure the Ripple Factor of A Signal


Updated 06 May 2021

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In power electronic research, ripple factor is one of the quality aspect is taken into consideration. The output voltage of the switched-mode power supply (SMPS) such as buck converter, boost converter, SEPIC converter, flyback converter, forward converter, push-pull converter, etc contain ripple. A good SMPS has low ripple factor (1% is recommended). However, MATLAB/Simulink library does not include the meter to measure the ripple factor. Therefore, the meter attached here can measure the ripple factor easier compared to directly calculate from the signal waveform.

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Ariel mari Cailao

Razman Ayop

Dear Gururaj Patil,
Redownload the file again.
I update the file for a more clear explaination.

gururaj patil

Hello Ramzan Sir,

I am actually working on Ripple measurement for 24 V DC power supply. Could you please help me determining the ripple from real measured signal. If possible would like to have a short call on this topic.

With Regards,
Gururaj Patil

gururaj patil

Zhuoxuan Li

Andresa Sombra

Le Ngoc Duy

mati hasanzadeh

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