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m2uml generates UML class diagrams from m-code
Updated 3 Oct 2020

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This version of m2uml is a complete rewrite and it has some new features.

1. m2uml uses a semi-automated method to generate a class diagram for a user-selected set of classes. Reverse engineering of the Matlab code generates the entire inheritance tree structure. The class diagram is displayed in the Matlab web browser.

2. Tooltips: The classes, properties and methods show their H1-lines as tooltip.

3. Hyperlinks: Clicking the name of a class, propety or method opens the file in the Matlab editor and moves the cursor to the specified item. These hyperlinks makes m2uml a navigation tool.

4. The class box has (optionally) an extra compartment for TODO/FIXME annotations. These annotations have tooltips and hyperlinks.

5. New: Nested packages, see image in upper left corner of this page.

6. New: Custom documentation that is integrated in the Help Browser of Matlab.

7. New: Extensive possibilities to customise the class diagram, e.g display input and output arguments of methods

8. New: m2uml comes in a MATLAB toolbox file (mltbx). See the Matlab documentation regarding installing and uninstalling.

m2uml is based on PlantUML and Graphviz. m2uml retrieves information from the Matlab-code and outputs PlantUML-code. PlantUML uses GraphViz and draws the class diagram. To make a local installation of PlantUML see http://plantuml.com/starting.

However, experiments with m2uml don't require installations of PlantUML and Graphviz. PlantUML-code may be created locally and converted to a diagram in the cloud, e.g. at https://www.planttext.com/.

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Compatible with R2017b and later releases
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Cosmetics. Please report if you encounter problems.


Fixed a few cosmetic issues, including the aspect ratio of the toolbox image


Complete rewrite with some new features.

New attempt to fix the broken light-bulb-link.

Fixed broken link

m2uml v1.1 adds tool-tips and hyper-links and displays the class diagram in the Matlab browser

Fixed spelling mistake.