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Novel Control of Grid-interfacing Inverters

version 1.0.1 (68.3 KB) by INDRANIL SAAKI
Indranil saaki


Updated 13 Mar 2020

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This projects presents the control of a grid interfacing inverter with integrated voltage unbalance correction. It is proposed to add an additional function to the inverter to decrease the negative-sequence voltage at the point of connection with the utility grid. Based on a symmetric sequence voltage decomposition and using an improved multi-variable filter, the grid-interfacing inverter intentionally absorbs a small amount of negative-sequence current from the grid, thereby helping to correct the negative-sequence voltage. Although the amplitude reduction contributed by each individual inverter system is small compared to the total negative-sequence component, grid interfacing inverter modules can collectively achieve substantial results in the grid. The integrated function and proposed control has been verified in simulations and by experiments on a laboratory prototype.
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lolo koko


i got this problem when runing the model

Failed to find 'spsBreakerModel/model' in library 'spsBreakerModel' referenced by 'gridalpha_by_indraneel_saki/Breaker/Model'

plz help dear

thanks a lot


Error in 'gridalpha_by_indraneel_saki/Breaker': Initialization commands cannot be evaluated.


this grid interface model is uploaded for researchers(i got requested mail from researchers). i hope it will useful to everyone.

indraneel saki



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