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An Integrated Hybrid Power Supply for DG

version 1.0.1 (142 KB) by INDRANIL SAAKI
by indranil saaki


Updated 13 Mar 2020

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A new, hybrid integrated topology, fed by photovoltaic (PV) and fuel cell (FC) sources and suitable for distributed generation applications, is proposed. It works as an uninterruptible power source that is able to feed a certain amount of power into the grid under all conditions. PV is used as the primary source of power operating near maximum power point (MPP), with the FC section (block), acting as a current source, feeding only the deficit power. The unique “integrated” approach obviates the need for dedicated communication between the two sources for coordination and eliminates the use of a separate, conventional dc/dc boost converter stage required for PV power processing, resulting in a reduction of the number of devices, components, and sensors. Presence of the FCsource in parallel (with the PVsource) improves the quality of power fed into the grid by minimizing the voltage dips in the PVoutput.Another desirable feature is that even a small amount of PV power (e.g., during low insolation), can be fed into the grid. On the other hand, excess power is diverted for auxiliary functions like electrolysis, resulting in an optimal use of the energy sources. The other advantages of the proposed system include low cost, compact structure, and high reliability, which render the system suitable formodular assemblies and “plug-n-play” type applications. All the analytical, simulation, and experimental results of this research are presented.
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Please, could you send me the full Simulink model? My email . Thank you very much!



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The efficiency of the proposed system in mode-1 is higher(around 85% to 90%) than m2 and 3(around 80% to 85%) suitable for grid-connected applications has been proposed.A laboratory prototype of the proposed system has showing good results

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