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Flexible Micro Grid Operation in Smart Distribution System

version 1.0.1 (103 KB) by INDRANIL SAAKI
indraneel saki


Updated 13 Mar 2020

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This project presents an interactive distributed generation(DG) interface for flexible micro-grid operation in the smart distribution system environment. Under the smart grid environment, DG units should be included in the system operational control framework, where they can be used to enhance system reliability by providing backup generation in isolated mode, and to provide ancillary services (e.g. voltage support and reactive power control) in the grid-connected mode. To meet these requirements for consumers, the proposed flexible interface utilizes a fixed power–voltage–current cascaded control structure to minimize control function switching and is equipped with robust internal model control structure to maximize the disturbance rejection performance within the DG interface. The proposed control system facilitates flexible and robust DG operational characteristics such as 1) active/reactive power (PQ) or active power/voltage (PV) bus operation in the grid-connected mode, 2) regulated power control in autonomous micro-grid mode, 3) smooth transition between autonomous mode and PV or PQ grid connected modes and vice versa, 4) reduced voltage distortion under heavily nonlinear loading conditions, and 5) robust control performance under islanding detection delays. Evaluation results are presented to demonstrate the flexibility and effectiveness of the proposed Grid controller.
This guide is useful to anyone who would like to contribute to open source projects on MATLAB. Open Source is a Great Platform for MATLAB Enthusiasts to share idea. Thank you for your willingness to contribute.

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Model is not compiling and running.

shivaraj vs

I did not get output!!!!!! plz email me!! Email:

Thank you very much for sharing this data, i'm using R2016b version and this error massage appears when i'm trying to run the model:

The block diagram 'microgridwithwind' uses bus signals or has signals/parameters that are associated with bus objects. However, the 'Mux blocks used to create bus signals' diagnostic is not configured to 'error'.

How can i solve this problem please.

thank you soooo much...... sir..... it helps me a lot.....

Can you please provide the source paper for that?

Tayab Azad

Hi Bro,
Did you have Simulation of droop control of parallel connected inverters in grid-connected microgrid using MATLAB/Simulink. It can be with conventional droop or any kind droop control. If have than please email me on my email address. My email address is:

Lumia Lee

Thanks for sharing with us. It helpes me a lot.



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