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Proposed Five Phase Transformer with Motor Drive Load

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Indranil Saaki


Updated 13 Mar 2020

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The first five-phase induction motor drive system was proposed in the late 1970s for adjustable speed drive applications. Since then, a considerable research effort has been in place to develop commercially feasible multiphase drive systems. Since the three-phase supply is available from the grid, there is a need to develop a static phase transformation system to obtain a multiphase supply from the available three-phase supply. Thus, this project proposes a novel transformer connection scheme to convert the three-phase grid supply to a five-phase fixed voltage and fixed frequency supply. The proposed transformer connection outputs five phases and, thus, can be used in applications requiring a five-phase supply. Currently, the five-phase motor drive is a commercially viable solution. The five-phase transmission system can be investigated further as an efficient solution for bulk power transfer with the wavelet technique. The connection scheme is elaborated by using the simulation and experimental approach to prove the viability of the implementation and detect faults in the transformer using wavelets. The geometry of the fabricated transformer is elaborated in this paper.
Keywords––Five phase, multiphase, three-phase, transformer, turn ratio.
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