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version (4.31 KB) by Jesse Knight
A flexible function (GUI) for showing multiple image volumes with scroll wheel functionality.


Updated 02 Mar 2016

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% VOLSHOW is a flexible function for displaying multiple volume images tightly
% on the same figure. Mouse scroll wheel scrolls the z dimension.
% Padding between images, grid dimensions, contrast scale, and
% colourmaps can be specified. Attributes apply to all images. Best
% results with same sized images. Grayscale or colour images.
% Input arguments: (any order)
% images(s) - any number of 3D grayscale or colour images. Rendered in the
% order they are presented, top to bottom, left to right.
% * The x-dimension of any image should not have a size of 3,
% else it will be confused for a colourmap.
% * multiple volumes should have the same 3rd dimension.
% * if using colour volumes, the colour channels should be the
% last dimension.
% padval - decimal value on the interval (0, 0.5) dictating the relative
% padded spacing between images.
% Default: 0.005
% gridstr - string like "5x2", specifying the number of images to tile
% horizontally (5) and vertically (2)
% Default: as square as possible, wider bias
% minmax - minmax specification for contrast scaling, as in imshow(I,[]).
% array of size: 1 by 2, or a empty array: []
% Default: []
% colourmap - colourmap used for displaying images:
% array of size: M by 3 or a colourmap function
% Default: curent default figure colormap
% * if 2+ non-image arguments are given, only the last one is used.
% Examples:
% timshow(I1, I2, I3, I4, hot, 0, [0,1], '4x1');
% Show volumes I1, I2, I3, I4 using the hot colourmap, with no
% space between, contrast from 0 to 1, and in a horizontal line.
% timshow(DB(:).I);
% Show all volume fields .I in the struct array DB using the
% default figure colourmap, automatic contrast scaling per image,
% with 0.5% of total figure size padded between, and arranged as
% close to square as possible.
% Jesse Knight 2015

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Jesse Knight (2022). volshow (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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