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Similar to a character string, but displays itself in the command window as a clickable link.


Updated 26 Jun 2020

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Link(target) creates a Link object pointing to location or code defined by target, e.g., a URL.
Link(target, text) will display text instead of the target.
To add a hyperlink to a longer string, e.g., using sprintf, use the Link object's str property.

Examples included in help:

Link('matlab:docsearch hyperlinks', 'Learn more about MATLAB hyperlinks')

lnk = Link('matlab:ezplot(@cos)', 'Display cosine function')

lnk = Link('', 'MATLAB Central');
disp('The link can be shown by normal display:')
disp('Or by using the function disp:')
disp('Alternatively, access the object''s str property:')
fprintf('Go to %s for lots of great resources.\n', lnk.str);

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Sky Sartorius (2021). Link (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (5)

Sky Sartorius

Thanks, Stephen. You inspired me to add an example that takes the user to that documentation.

Chang hsiung

John D'Errico

I quite like this. Thank you for posting. Well written. Good help, examples, etc.



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