DUALMESH - Polygonal mesh construction.

Construct polygonal "dual" meshes from 2-simplex triangulations embedded in R^3.
Updated 17 Aug 2015

DUALMESH is a toolbox of mesh processing routines that allow the construction of "dual" meshes based on underlying simplicial triangulations. Support is provided for various planar and surface triangulation types, including non-Delaunay and non-manifold types.
DUALMESH makes use of a "generalised" dual-mesh paradigm that guarantees dual cells are "star-shaped" w.r.t. their associated generating vertices, even when mesh quality is very low or for highly curved surface discretisations. This generalised dual-mesh is equivalent to the conventional Voronoi diagram when the input is a so-called "well-centred" Delaunay triangulation.
Dual-meshes are useful for a variety of numerical methods, and are often used as a basis for unstructured finite-volume or discontinuous Galerkin finite-element formulations.
See DEMODUAL2, MAKEDUAL2 for additional information.

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Darren Engwirda (2024). DUALMESH - Polygonal mesh construction. (https://github.com/dengwirda/dual-mesh), GitHub. Retrieved .

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