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The lattice Boltzmann method in 25 lines of MATLAB code (LBM)

version (5.62 KB) by Seb
Here is two m-files showing the simplicity of LBM. A view of the density distributions is provided.


Updated 14 Oct 2014

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When "LBM_25_LINES.m" is started, the LBM solves the flow field in a "pseudo-porous" geometry with periodic boundary condition. A perturbation to the velocity field in the x-direction is applied so that the flow moves from the left to the right side of the computational domain.
When "LBM_VIEW.m" is started, the m-file script shows all LBM process at the mesoscopic level. At each time step, the collision, the bounce-back and the streaming step are showed with details and at the same time the macroscopic velocity field is plotted.

Note that these two m-files are not research code! Although, they might be use as a starting point.

Overall, I believe that these two m-files may be of a good addition for a general audience scientific presentation.


If interested, my scientific publications may be found there:

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please kindly send me matlab code for two phase flow using two distribution functions. Thanks in anticipation!

how to i calculate hydrogen storage with metal hydride using this

Tien Ta


@Li Zhang

I'm pleased that you like the code. I wish to confirm that it's full-way bounceback and I want to add that I have no concise code with half-way bounceback.

Li Zhang

Nice code. But seems that it's full-way bounceback, is there any concise way to do half-way bounceback.

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