find the largest (or smallest) element in any cell array, nested or not
Updated 6 May 2014

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%find the largest/smallest element among all the elements in a cell array. The cell array can have matrix or a cell array or any combination of these two. The functions use recursion.
%there is a maxC and a minC in the zip file.
%f=@() randi(100) %just to type faster the following
%a={{{ [f() f(); f() f()]} {f()} [f() f() f()]}; [f() f() f()]};
%notice some difference with the normal max/min, even with simple matrix:
%a=[1 2 3; 4 5 6];
%ans= 4 5 6
%maxC(a)= 6, as expected.

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little mistake in the description, max(a) instead of maxC(a)