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The script "CrossSectionIsosurface.m" is a function for easily plotting subsections and slices of 3D data. While the function "isosurface" generally renders a good isosurface with one function, there are few methods for visualizing slices and subsections of 3D data, and fewer are easy simple to use. This program is an attempt to make plotting subvolumes from a larger 3-Dimensional data set visually appealing and conceptually intuitive, while only being one function. This enables a smoother exploration of 3D data sets.
To use the function simply obtain a 3D matrix filled with data. Following is a simple example where distance from a point is plotted:

>> [x y z] = meshgrid(-5:0.2:5);
>> r = 1 / (x.^2 + y.^2 + z.^2 + 0.1);
>> CrossSectionIsosurface(r)

To see more complex examples, please refer to the testCrossSectionIsosurface.m file. That file explains how to access other options, such as moving the clipping plane (and even displaying a thin slice of data), changing the isovalue of the surface, changing coloration schemes, etc.

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