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Unsupervised Learning with Growing Neural Gas (GNG) Neural Network

version (11.7 KB) by Ilias Konsoulas
Learns data clusters and their topology in n-dimensional space by using the Growing Neural Gas net.


Updated 21 Dec 2017

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The Growing Neural Gas (GNG) Neural Network belongs to the class of Topology Representing Networks (TRN's). It can learn supervised and unsupervised. Here, the on-line, unsupervised learning mode is implemented and demonstrated. It's learning method employs a combination of modified Kohonen learning to adjust the neuron's positions, with a Competitive Hebbian Learning (CHL) for its connections. For details please consult ref. [1]. In order to make the main script (gng_lax.m) functional, you must first select and generate a manifold (data) using the corresponding data generator. For a nice report on the family of competitive learning methods please consult ref. [2].
[1] Fritzke B. "A Growing Neural Gas Network Learns Topologies", Advances in Neural Information Processing Systems 7, MIT Press, Cambridge MA, 1995.

[2] Fritzke B. "Some Competitive Learning Methods", 1997 available at:

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Ilias Konsoulas (2022). Unsupervised Learning with Growing Neural Gas (GNG) Neural Network (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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