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An LCP solution of the linear elastic contact mechanics problem

version (2.73 KB) by Andreas Almqvist
An LCP solution of the one-dimensional linear elastic contact mechanics problem


Updated 26 Aug 2013

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A script that solves the linear complementarity problem associated with
the Boussinesq contact mechanics problem

h = K*p+g, h'*p=0, h,p >=0,

where the unknown h is the gap between two elastic (half-space) bodies and the unknown p is the corresponding contact pressure.

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Paolo Cinat

Aitor Arana

Dear Krishnan and Daniel, Thank you both for showing interest in this solution. Both of you can find the answer to your questions in C.H. Venner's PhD Thesis, which can be downloaded for free here:

Krishnan S

Which point load solution has been used finding the kernel?


Very useful, well written and fast code. However, it lacks dimensional definitions/explanations for the input parameters (Radii, E, iv, g0). It seems there is a mix of meters and millimeter but it is hard to judge the quantities.

2/E' = (1-nu1^2)/E1+(1-nu2^2)/E2 is also defined as:
1/E' = (1-nu1^2)/E1+(1-nu2^2)/E2 by Johnson but the factor 2 is compensated for in your calculations of ph and b, but I cannot see whether it is compensated in K as well.

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