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Impulsive Hyperbolic Injection from a Circular Earth Park Orbit – NLP Method

version (411 KB) by David Eagle
PDF document and MATLAB script for interplanetary injection using a nonlinear programming method.

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Updated 07 Jul 2014

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The hyper2_matlab.m MATLAB script determines the orbital elements and state vectors of the park orbit and departure hyperbola at injection, and the injection delta-v vector and magnitude. This information can be used as initial guesses for other trajectory simulations. This script uses the SNOPT nonlinear programming (NLP) method to find the optimal coplanar or non-coplanar transfer maneuver.

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sun Chong


Added main script (hyper2_matlab_64bit.m) that uses the March 17, 2014 version of SNOPT.

Modified script to compute both opportunities for the case of coplanar transfer. Updated PDF user's manual to reflect this change.

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