FBD - "Find the Best Distribution" tool

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With this GUI you can find the best distribution that fits your data.


Updated 12 Sep 2012

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1. Save the Main_FitDistribution_GUI.fig and Main_FitDistribution_GUI.m files at the same directory.
2. Run the Main_FitDistribution_GUI.m file.
3. Load data using the "Load Data" button. The file should be a text file with 1 column containing the data. The attached file "DataExample.txt" contains data in a legal format.
4. choose whether you want to fit continuous of discrete distributions, and whether you want to display the PDFs of the CDFs (with the pop-down menus). The lists of optional distributions are displayed on the left side of the GUI.
5. Press "FIT!"
6. You will see the 4 best fits on the graph, and detailed parameters of the best 4 distributions under the graph. The parameters are:
- Distribution name.
- NLogL - Negative of the log likelihood.
- BIC - Bayesian information criterion.
- AIC - Akaike information criterion.
- AICc - AIC with a correction for finite sample sizes.
- Parameters names.
- Parameters values.

This GUI is based on a code written by
Michael Sheppard from MIT Lincoln Laboratory.

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Yoav Aminov (2022). FBD - "Find the Best Distribution" tool (https://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/36000-fbd-find-the-best-distribution-tool), MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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