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Generate binomial table

version (1.62 KB) by David Holdaway
Very simple function to generate a table of all possible binomial coefficients below a cut off

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Updated 17 Jan 2012

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Uses a recursion relation to generate all the binomial coefficients nchoosek(n,k) for a range n<=nmax, k<= n. This is much faster than using nchoosek to make this table.

The idea of this function is to be used when you have to evaluate large sums involving binomial coefficients, generating this table and sampling it would be much quicker than generating elements on the fly.

For this reason there is an inbuilt option that if the function is given two parameters it will generate a table of log(nchoosek) which is useful if it appears in summations where nchoosek may evaluate to inf.

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David Holdaway (2021). Generate binomial table (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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David Holdaway

Edit: Modified recursion relation used to [n choose k] = [(n-1) choose k-1 ] + [n-1 choose k ]

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