N-dimensionally spaced points

Multidimensional extension and generalisation of LINSPACE and LOGSPACE.
Updated 14 Aug 2011

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NDSPACE N-dimensionally spaced points
NDSPACE(X1, X2) generates a column matrix of 10^n linearly
equally spaced points in the hypercube defined by the two diametrically
opposite cornerpoints X1 and X2 both n-by-1 vectors. If either is a
scalar it will be expanded to repmat(X,n,1).

NDSPACE(X1, X2, P) generates P^n points if P is a scalar or prod(P)
points if P is a n-by-1 vector.

NDSPACE(X1, X2, P, F) generates points using a function defined by the
function handle or string F which needs to have the calling syntax of
LINSPACE(X1, X2, N). If F is a n-by-1 cell of function handles or
strings different generating functions can be used per dimension.


x = ndspace([0,0],[10,100],5,@linspace)
y = ndspace([0,1],[1,2],6,@logspace)
z = ndspace([10,1],[20,2],[5,8],{@linspace,@logspace})

plot(x(:,1),x(:,2),'bo'), hold on
plot(z(:,1),z(:,2),'r*'), hold off

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