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Fast Inpolygon in MEX

version (5.86 KB) by Tolga Birdal
Fast inpolygon function implemented in MEX. So far one of the fastest.


Updated 22 Mar 2011

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This is a C implementation of the great Matlab code provided by Darren Engwirda. You can find his code in:

According to my estimates, it works more than 2x as fast. So far, this is one of the fastest implementation that I know of. Sorting is big step of this algorithm. To make it an exact replica, I use stable_sort of std library.

Here is a sample call:

tic(); [In2 On2]=inpolygon_fast(x, y, xv, yv); toc();

The call interface is similiar to inpolygon and not to inpoly. Here x and y are the points to check, where xv and yv define the polygon.

The attachment includes the cpp file, a sample function for comparison and Darren's code.

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Tolga Birdal (2022). Fast Inpolygon in MEX (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Inspired by: INPOLY: A fast points-in-polygon test

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