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Function similar to the matlab stem3 but drawing bars instead of lines with markers.


Updated 9 Oct 2010

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h = StemBar(x,y,z,color,width)
Function is similar to stem3, but instead of lines with markers plotting
3d bars

StemBar(x,y,z) - draws bars with a height z at the values specified in x
and y. x, y, z - should be a vectors.
StemBar(z) - draws bars with a height z at the xy-plane
StemBar(...,color) - If color is a single character string chosen from the
list 'r','g','b', 'c','m','y','w','k', or an RGB row vector triple,
[r g b], the bars are filled with the constant specified color. If color
is a vector of length numel(x)*6 each faces will be filled with specified
color in the corresponding row.
StemBar(...,width) - specified a width of bars
h = StemBar(...) - return a handle


h = StemBar(1:10);

Author: Grzegorz Knor

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Created with R2009a
Compatible with any release
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