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Convert SRH-2D model outputs into an SMS friendly format.


Updated 23 Sep 2010

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This function carries out the following tasks:

1) Allows the user to select the first timestep of an SRH model output to convert, regardless of the SRH version used.

2) Automatically renames SRH files from SRH1, SRH2...SRH100 to a machine-friendly format: SRH001, SRH002...SRH100.

3) Parses each SRH output file into separate output files for the water elevation, depth, velocity magnitude, Froude number, and boundary shear stress.

4) Creates single time series of each parsed file which can be opened in SMS.

5) Saves the model outputs in .mat binary file so that the SRH model results can be read in and analyzed much faster than using the text files as input!

Note: The SRH model needs to be set up so that the outputs are NODE-CENTERED for the conversion to work properly.

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Jeff Tuhtan (2021). srh2sms (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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