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Diffusion Filtering for Image Denoising

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Linear diffusion filtering, edge-enhancing linear and non-linear anisotropic filtering


Updated 17 Jul 2010

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An assortment of diffusion based image filtering methods:
1. Linear Diffusion Filtering using heat equations - solved using both implicit and explicit Euler methods.
2. Edge Enhancing Linear Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering.
3. Edge Enhancing Non-linear Anisotropic Diffusion Filtering.

Data files for test images are included. Each file is a script that implements one of the above methods. Read the comments for details.

Copyright (c) Ritwik Kumar, Harvard University 2010

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Ritwik Kumar (2021). Diffusion Filtering for Image Denoising (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Royi Avital

What about implementing the following method:



mops zaki

can i use

Ritwik Kumar

@jichao, Image denoising

jichao zhao

what kind of applications it may apply to ?

Jane Zhang

hi Ritwik, thanks for your reply. Looking for the new version :)

Ritwik Kumar

Hi Jane, it seemed like a typo in the comment. I fixed it and the updated files should be available soon. Thanks for pointing it out.

Jane Zhang

hi,Ritwik Kumar
in your "non-aniso.m", you said "non-aniso.m demonstrates Edge-preserving non-linear isotropic filtering for denoising".
why "non-aniso.m" demonstrates non-linear isotropic filtering?

Jane Zhang

"non-aniso.m", why it demonstrates Edge-preserving non-linear isotropic filtering"?

Ritwik Kumar

I think so, please try it and if you run into some trouble, let me know and I can suggest some work around.

reira wiratih

can I use matlab 7.8 (R2009)?

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