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compute and plot estimate of the autocorrelation of an input sequence


Updated 10 May 2009

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acfplot calls autocov() to compute an extimate of the autocorrelation function (acf) of the input vector Y, and then plots the acf with the time axis labeled in units of either seconds or ms. Note: This function does not use the Statistics Toolbox.


acf= acfplot(Y, Fs, maxlag, titlestr)

Y is a column vector containing a sequence of samples. The remaining input arguments are optional. Fs specifies the sampling rate (samples per second); the default is 1. maxlag is the maximum lag for which the autocorrelation is to be computed; if no value is specified, a default value is generated by the function autocov. titlestr specifies a title to be printed at the top of the plot; the default is a null string.

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