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Generate FM noise sidebands on a carrier using randn fn

version (2.59 KB) by Rick McConnell
Generate and plot noise sidebands using randn modulation of a carrier.

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Updated 21 Jun 2011

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The file calculates and plots FM noise sidebands for a carrier. It also does sinusoidal modulation. This simple way of adding noise to a carrier is useful for simulation of PLLs. It turns out, though, that the mean of the randn function is not as close to zero as it could be, and this causes the fft to generate extra sideband energy, which makes it appear as if the noise is not what would be expected. This program gets around this by adding a fudge factor to the randn results to eliminate this problem. It took me ages to figure this out, I hope to reduce a similar effort for others.

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Rick McConnell (2021). Generate FM noise sidebands on a carrier using randn fn (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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I want to take this a bit farther. We have designed and tested a transceiver with dual DDS chips and a very linear summer for VCO FM/FM modulation. Now I need to make it all digital. The secondary sine waveform comes from the DSP but the primary triangle is embedded in the VCO chip. How do I combine them properly in the VCO for FM/FM modulation? I am confused on how to execute this plan.

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