IPN tools for Test-Retest Reliability Analysis

This is one part of my IPN toolbox, aiming at the reliability analysis of neuroimaging meaures.
Updated 8 Dec 2009

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The basic functions include the MATLAB implementation of ICC (Intraclass Correlation Coefficient), CCC (Corcordance Correlation Coefficient) and Kendall's W or KCC (Kendall's Coefficient of Concordance).

List of basic functions:

[1]. IPN_icc: computes the interclass correlations for indexing the reliability analysis according to shrout and fleiss' schema.
Shrout PE, Fleiss JL. Intraclass correlations: uses in assessing rater reliability. Psychol Bull. 1979;86:420-428.
[2]. IPN_ccc: computes the concordance correlation coefficient for evaluating reproducibility.
Lin, L.I. 1989. A Corcordance Correlation Coefficient to Evaluate Reproducibility. Biometrics 45, 255-268.
[3]. IPN_kendallW: computes the Kendall's W.
Kendall, M. G. and Babington Smith, B. 1939. The Problem of m Rankings. The Annals of Mathematical Statistics 10 (3): 275–287.

Papers List:
[1]. Zuo XN, Di Martino A, Kelly C, Shehzad ZE, Gee DG, Klein DF, Castellanos FX, Biswal BB, Milham MP. The oscillating brain: Complex and reliable. Neuroimage 49(2): 1432-1445.
[2]. Zuo XN, Kelly C, Adelstein JS, Klein DF, Castellanos FX, Milham MP. 2010. Reliable Intrinsic Connectivity Networks: Test-Retest Evaluation Using ICA and Dual Regression Approach. NeuroImage, in press.

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Inspired by: Intraclass Correlation Coefficient (ICC)

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Version Published Release Notes

Remove the function dependency of IPN_mean and IPN_sum.

Added the functions IPN_sum and IPN_ssd and updated the IPN_ccc function with respect to Jasper Klewer's comments.

Updates for calculation of Kendall's W including a tied rank correction option.

Updates the screen shot!

Deleted several useless files.