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2D random paths generator integrating leg's contraints

version (56.6 KB) by Sebastien PARIS
Generates random 2D leg'paths from departure to arrival integrating leg's constraints


Updated 28 Jan 2020

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Generates random 2D-paths between start and finish nodes according to densities distribution given by matrix C with leg's contrainsts defined by the adjacency matrix I.

P = path_generator(start , finish , I , [C] , [K] , [V] , [delta]);


start Index of starting points (r x 1) where start(i) = 1,...,R, R = 8(Nx-2)(Ny-2) + 10((Nx-2)+(Ny-2)) + 12,
where Nx, Ny denote the number of nodes in x and y axis respectivly.
finish Index of arrival points (q x 1) where finish(i) = 1,...,R
I Index of neigbourds (D x R), where D = 8
C Probabilities matrix (D x R x L) such that sum(C,1) = 1 (default C is uniform pdf)
K Number of path's leg (at least the number of the shortest path, default K = 100)
V Number of path's to generate (default V = 1)
delta Transition legs'angles constraints matrix (D x D), i.e. delta(p_{k}|p_{k-1}) (default delta = ones(D,D));


P Path leg's indexes(K x L x V)

To Compile

Run mexme_path_generator2 to complile mex files on you plateform

Run demo "test_path_generator2.m"

Ref : S. Paris, J-P Le Cadre, “Planification for Terrain-Aided Navigation”, in: IEEE FUSION 2002 Conference, Annapolis, USA, July 2002

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Sebastien PARIS (2020). 2D random paths generator integrating leg's contraints (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (2)

mj h

When running the demo I received the following error:

Undefined function or variable 'inpoly'.

Error in trajectory_drv (line 44)
[in , bnd] = inpoly(XY , node);

inpoly is a c source file, not sure what I am supposed to do with it. Couldn't get it to work, but it looks cool though!



Bug fixed + fixed for modern mablab & OS64

- Update inpoly and dijkstra
- Minor comestic changes and should be compatible with Linux/GCC
- Updade demo file

-add mexme_path_generator2
-update djikstra and inpoly algorithm

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2016b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: dijsktra path finder