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Mittag-Leffler random number generator

version (2.29 KB) by Guido Germano
Generates a matrix of Mittag-Leffler pseudo-random numbers

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Updated 04 Apr 2016

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Returns a matrix of IID random numbers distributed according to the one-parameter Mittag-Leffler distribution with index (or exponent) beta and scale parameter gamma_t. The size of the returned matrix is the same as that of the input matrices beta and gamma_t, that must match. Alternatively, if beta and gamma_t are scalars, mlrnd(beta, gamma_t, m) returns an m by m matrix, and mlrnd(beta, gamma_t, m, n) returns an m by n matrix.
[1] T. J. Kozubowski and S. T. Rachev, "Univariate geometric stable laws", Journal of Computational Analysis and Applications 1, 177-219 (1999).
[2] D. Fulger, E. Scalas, G. Germano, "Monte Carlo simulation of uncoupled continuous-time random walks yielding a stochastic solution of the space-time fractional diffusion equation", Physical Review E 77, 021122 (2008).

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Please read carefully the overview, the function and the references, in particular Ref. 2, Fig. 2 and Eqs. (9), (10) and (18). This function provides random numbers with the one-parameter Mittag-Leffler CCDF E_\beta(-t^\beta) (if the scaling factor \gamma = 1), or if you prefer E_\alpha(-t^\alpha). The second parameter of the two-parameter Mittag-Leffler function is set to 1. Notice the difference between Mittag-Leffler function and Mittag-Leffler distribution.

wanli wang

here the Mittag-Leffler function is E_{alpha,beta}(-t) how to generate E_{alpha,beta}(-t^\alpha) ? is there some relation between them??

Very good, thanks for your effort.

Martin Eisenacher

Exactly that I missed for years!


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