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Manual Audio Annotation

version (616 KB) by Theodoros Giannakopoulos
AudioAnnotation Demo v.1.0 is an open source demo implemented in Matlab(R) for manual segmentation a


Updated 21 Jan 2008

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AudioAnnotation Demo v.1.0 is an open source demo implemented in Matlab(R) for manual segmentation and annotation of audio files. You can use it for defining the ground truth, in order to check your segmentation-classification algorithm's performance.

It also provides the ability of calculating and plotting basic audio features (e.g. short time energy, zero crossing rate) of the selected audio segments.

The following main areas are defined in the GUI:

- File Info: Used for loading .wav files and presenting the file path and other audio information (e.g. sampling rate)

- Current Segment: Presents time limits of the current segment, button for playing current segment and volume control

- Labelling: Selection of current segment's label and button for updating the annotation file.
(Important note: The class selection combo box has 11 different class names. You can set your own class names NOT manually through Matlab's GUIDE but if you change the handles.classNames (line 68, AudioAnnotationMain.m).)

- Feature Extraction: Feature and Statistic combo boxes and button for computation and plotting of the selected feature.

- Signal Browsing: Plot of the selected segment's signal, time and window sliders.

- Class Distribution: Histogram of the current class distribution

In order to execute the GUI just run AudioAnnotationMain.m in a Matlab workspace.

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John Davis

I replaced the wavread with audioinfo and audioread, but I get error "Error using audioinfo The filename specified was not found in the MATLAB path. This is for the audioinfo line. If I am not using the "Manual Audio Annotation" code but my own code then I can use audioinfo() function. Does the code in an add-on collection not know of the available code in the system?


Hi,I don't know why there are some errors in "set(handles.infoFile, 'String', fileName);" which called "Attempt to reference field of non-structure array.".

H. M.

Sammy Wu

It's awesome. However, if some other features like MFCC, Sub-band Energies are added, it's perfect for audio feature analysis. In addition, a mistake can be found in file "parseFeatureExctraction.m" line 23, where "strCom = sprintf('FeatureSeq = %s(signal, win*Fs, win*Fs, Fs);', FeatureStr);" the later "win*Fs" should be "step*Fs"..a ha.

mani kumar

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