find_in_models: Search the entire block diagram hierarchy

A wrapper for find_system which searches inside model references
Updated 1 Sep 2016

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find_system provides the option to search inside library links, but does not currently give the option to search inside model references.
This function provides this option, and, unlike find_system itself, can also close block diagrams after searching them. This ensures scalability when searching large hierarchies. The usage is very similar to that of find_system itself except that a model name or handle must be specified. The return type also depends on the inputs in the same way as for find_system: specifically the return type is a cell array of strings unless the input is a numeric handle ot the "FindAll" option is supplied and "on".

When the return type is a cell array of strings, any block diagrams which are loaded during the search are closed again. This means that the caller must take care before calling get_param on any returned string. It also means that the model does not need to be loaded before calling this function.

This function can be used for tasks such as:
* Finding all the Lookup Table blocks involved in a simulation
* Finding any models involved a simulation which have some parameter value
* Finding all lines in a simulation which link to a particular requirement

See the Help in the M-file for examples.

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Malcolm Wood (2024). find_in_models: Search the entire block diagram hierarchy (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2007a
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

Updated license

Fixed a bug in which model references inside library links were not followed. Now, if you specify FollowLinks=on then the function will search models which are referenced from inside library links.


The previous revision relied on a function which was introduced in R2007a. To make this file work in earlier versions of Simulink I have added a workaround.