Add/Remove lists (select lists)

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Add and remove elements from one list to another. Multiple add/remove possible.


Updated 12 Jun 2007

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ADDREMOVELIST creates a GUI which contains two main listboxes, one on the left and one on the right. With the usage of two buttons (Add/Remove) the user can select items from the list on the left and transfer them to the list on the right and vice versa. Two checkboxes allow selecting multiple elements from each list and sorting the list contents respectively. Hitting the OK button returns ADDREMOVELIST outputs (depending on user selections) in MATLAB's workspace. Hitting the Cancel button returns default outputs.

The main output of the script is a cell array of strings containing the elements that were added from the list on the left (initial list, list to select from) to the list on the right (new list, selected elements). There exist other outputs (e.g. the remaining contents of the left list etc.) The user can find extensive help with many examples inside addremovelist.m (or by typing 'help addremovelist' in MATLAB's command window)

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