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a new way to tab for GUIDE

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Optimize your gui space with tabs


Updated 11 Apr 2007

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When you want to put a set of components in a particular tab, just place them all on a panel. Position the panel the way you want it and then write down the position that you want to place it in. When you want to work with another tab, just create an new panel. To make the panels you don't want to work with "invisible", just type an huge number for the x position(ie 2000) This is so that it won't clutter up your work on your current panel. Repeat this for as many panels as You like. When you want to target/retrieve a specific panel, just use the object browser. When you're done. Save it and on the opening function, position all the panels with the numbers you had written down. Also make all of the panels invisible except your current one. I have a list box that upon clicking on it, it will make the previous one invisible and the current selected panel visible. You can also choose to use buttons instead of a listbox but with a listbox, you can save space and can make you gui as large as you wish it to be.

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Inspired: Simple Optimized GUI Tabs, Simple tab panel

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